We are expanding our shopping space. Now find a great range of tools, hair products, extensions and boutique items. We can ship them to you or you can come on by and pick it up. This is the absolute best way to make sure we have everything you need before you come visit us. Stay tuned for updates to our catalogue monthly. New stuff all the time!

KITSCH Beauty Products

NOW AVAILABLE AT EVP Female founded and owned, Kitsch is a beauty powerhouse built on positivity and pure hard work. The idea that if you just keep at it, and believe in yourself, you will succeed. From morning till night, life will throw things at us—some good, some difficult. We just want our community to know that whatever happens, they’ll be ready. With easy, fun beauty solutions that are totally reliable and practical, but also truly special, and made as sustainably as possible. There are these key moments throughout the day that we call “Kitsch Moments,” where there is an opportunity for a reset, a transition, a simple act of self-care that gives you a little boost, and gets you on to the next thing. It’s these moments we think of any time we create something new. We imagine people with all hair types, budgets and points of view, navigating and negotiating the twists and turns of their lives.

SHY WOLF Rock'n'Roll Candles

NOW AVAILABLE AT EVP The strike of a match. The light of a candle. Scent that slowly rises. Shuffling your favourite deck until the moment is right. The draw of the cards. Dropping the needle on your favorite LP. Sweet ritual. With a name inspired by the duality that lives within us all, we believe the small pause that lighting your candle brings is worth honouring; how a small action brings forth a steady, warm light. With fragrance blends as diverse as the folks who burn them, our candles were made for both quiet, sacred moments alone and cozy gatherings with the ones you love most.